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Ag Da Gift is an artist and producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of his main beliefs is that being a hustler is not about selling drugs. It is a mentality, and all you have to do is hustle your talent like a drug dealer would drugs. This concept lead him to create the T.R.A.P brand(Take Risk And Prosper) to represent all the hustlers on their entrepreneur Grind. He does this through his music and his clothing brand. 


His music is inspiration for the hustlers in every category. It has authentic substance with a melodic flow over Trap Drums patterns and soulful instrumentation.It comes off as uplifting trap vibes. Aiming to inspire not only the street hustlers but the legal hustlers too.


In 2007 Ag Da Gift received the 1st ever Ice Cube Scholarship to go Mcnally Smith college of music and St.Paul Minnesota. He also spent time at Columbia College in Chicago to Study music business. 


He also has a Brick and Mortar storefront in Milwaukee and he sells the T.R.A.P merch there and the latest footwear. He also does custom tshirt printing at the shop. Which adds another element to the Take Risk And Prosper Brand.


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